Kieran Brown

Lead Front-End Developer 👨🏽‍💻

Kieran joined VIX Digital mid 2017 as a junior developer. It quickly became apparent that Kieran had an eye for frontend and has become our go to man for all things CSS.

In his past roles Kieran completed a number of different tasks such as Search Engine Optimisation, link building, content & artwork creation and management of PPC campaigns. This helped Kieran build-up a knowledge-base of digital marketing techniques that can be applied today when building clients websites.

Kieran leads our Wagtail development, creating bespoke websites for a mixture of clients. Alongside this Kieran maintains the VIX component library which provides a uniform approach to front-end development at VIX.

Kieran recently led the development of BNSSG’s redesign project, working closely with Wilson Fletcher to turn a flavourless site into something visually exciting, whilst maintaining GDS standards.

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