Damon Jagger

Full Stack Developer

Damon joined VIX in 2014 whilst undertaking a degree in Computer and Information Security. After taking a year out to achieve his diploma, he rejoined the team in early 2017 as lead software developer.

He’s our go to security man, known for his will to perfect every system and process we use. He works closely with Chris on most projects and supports Kieran with his work on the frontend.

Some of Damon’s major projects at VIX include joining the core team at NHS Digital to support them migrating from sharepoint to Wagtail and spending time upskilling their team to use the new technology. He also worked alongside Chelsea, Chris and Tony to deliver PHE’s Digital Workspace.

Damon’s attended many of the Wagtail sprints around the world, including Bristol and Arnhem, helping the Wagtail core team deliver new functionality and share his experience with the CMS.

Outside of work you’ll usually find Damon on one of his many bikes. Training for the next big ride, or just to beat Tony on strava.