Chelsea Shaw

UI & UX Designer

Chelsea is lead designer at VIX Digital, and is ultimately responsible for all things visual, working closely with the front end team.

Chelsea joined VIX in early 2017, bringing with her both agency and inhouse design experience. Her skills started to move towards digital design and she realised how learning to develop could become a powerful tool for a designer, this led her to join VIX.

Over the past 2 years Chelsea’s worked with the likes of NHS England, NHS Digital and Thermo Scientific developing both her skills as a designer and developer as well as allowing her to develop a strong UX skill set. Chelsea recently led the UI and UX on Public Health England’s beta Digital Workspace project, working with content designers, user researchers and users to create a GDS compliant interface and updating the organisations digital face.

Outside of work Chelsea has just bought her first house with Chris so spends a lot of her free time doing DIY.