Re-imagine your GP Practice Website

We are not just a provider of GP practice websites. Our offering is to help you grow and embed digital relationships with patients. We will work with GP practices to develop online services that improve the digital journey for both staff and patients.

"Our focus is on users"

- Tony Yates - Chief Technology Officer - Vix Digital

Example of Clifton Court Medical Practice Website

Example of Clifton Court Medical Practice Website

The problem for patients with GP websites

  • Without consistent language, designs and formats, websites can become difficult to navigate.
  • Content is written offline and poorly translated when viewed online.
  • Accessibility issues make online transactions difficult if GOV.UK and NHS service standards are not met.
  • Have credibility and limitation issues with online content.
  • No online relationship with GPs to maintain digital buy in. E.g. Patients rarely visit a GP practice website.
Available across individual Practices or PCN and CCG level we can provide an eco-system of digital services to suit your organisation needs.

Selfcare.Digital is our solution to help GP practices provide patients with an accessible and easy to use website. By migrating away from ad-hoc websites to a digital first approach we are capable of handling transactions online, writing into clinical systems and adding value to the patients online journey.

We will provide a pre built platform that allows you to give simple and clear digital access to patients. This can range from GP and Primary Care Network websites, CCG platforms, booking systems for patients and integration with other services.

  • goes beyond the functionality of other standard NHS websites from its technical architecture to end user accessibility giving both the users and owners greater satisfaction.
  • Provides a stable platform to grow and develop digital relationships with patients
  • Assisted content design and in house literature allows GP practices to open a digital front door allowing patients to safely move to accessing care and help via web based platforms.
  • Continuous improvement of the platform provides GP practices and users with a simple high quality design and content that they come to rely on.

With pre-built information pages, content editors and automated updates available to GP practices we will provide a service that contributes to releasing staff time away from the maintenance of online services.

Available across individual Practices, PCN and CCG level we can provide an eco-system of digital services to suit your organisation needs.

Additional benefits:
  • Mobile/tablet-friendly layout
  • GDPR compliant where necessary
  • Has all necessary security certificates, to satisfy and reassure your patients
  • Google analytics data to improve content and design

If you are interested to see how we can re imagine your GP website, putting you back in control of your digital services please contact


Our 3-year contract option allows us to build both a relationship and product that can be at the forefront of improving digital access for staff and patients. All of our contract agreements include hosting, maintenance and updates.

Year 1 - £250

Year 2 - £500

Year 3 - £500

Exclusive of VAT.