All The Team


1 Hour


Paper or white board, pens

Why Are Values Important?

It’s important that everyone in the team follows the same values and is involved in the process of selecting them, they often come quite natural to a team and are probably things you do already without knowing it. Having this common ground within your team members ensures everyone is working towards the same goal and delivery. Apply these values to any project the team works on and invite clients to share them.Your values should be displayed somewhere everyone has easy access to.

Our Values

Results, transparency, sharing, efficiency, collaboration, kindness, boring solutions, hobbies, cake and fun. As you can see some are playful other a little more serious.

Step One

Schedule in an hour one afternoon when most, if not all, the team are available. It’s important to get as many team members in the meeting as possible as they are what makes up the values of the company.

Step Two

Gather your team up. Around the board/sheet.

Step Three

At the numbers 1 to 10 (with space in-between) to the board. We think 10 values is just the right amount, like the 10 commandments. Ask your team to think about values of the company, these will probably be things that you already do/value and come quite naturally others might be things people want to introduce. Sometimes the team won’t agree on a value and if this the case then it shouldn’t be added. In other cases you can find a middle ground or a comment theme that everyone can relate to.

Step Four

Go around the room and let each person add a value and it’s description. The rest of the team will vote if it should be added. If more than 90% agree then its a value.

Step Five

Once you have your values it’s time to memorialise these and share with the whole team. We have ours on the company Playbook and placed around the studio so we are always reminded of the common values we share.