Sprint Planning


All The Team


15 minutes

Define Tasks

45 minutes

Assign & Plan

1 hour


Sticky notes, pens, sprint time, board


Sprint planning can be analogue or digital (Jira) but we like to start with an analogue version and digitalise later. Start by defining the sprint time. We stick with 2 week per sprint but these can be 1 to 4 weeks.

Step Two

Now we give each task a time frame and allocate it to a team member or members. When in doubt it’s often good to over estimate cards but always assign to the person most suited to the task. It’s also a good idea to note cards that are blocking others. In this case these cards need to be prioritised over others.

Step Three

If the cards now need to be digitalised do this now. For this we like to use Jira or Trello. Start by creating 3 columns on your board:

  • To do
  • In progress
  • Done

Start all cards in the to do section of the board and assign the appropriate team members. As they are picked up they can move through the columns. These can now be tracked and allow project managers to see the progress of the sprint and allocate resources effectively.

Step Four

Once cards are completed we can reflect on the time it took to complete and amend the card accordingly by adding actual time to complete. This will help with time estimations in future. The aim is to get all cards finished by the end of the sprint. As a team you can now reflect and move onto the next sprint. Some cards might be to be carried over or you may have completed all your tasks. Use this to reflect and apply to the next sprint.