Show & Tell


4 - 10


15 minutes


10 minutes per person


TV or projector, adaptors for computers, space and chairs for audience


Schedule in a show and tell at least a week in advance. We hold them at the same time each week so that anyone presenting can prepare slides and demonstrations for the team. This also allows the Master of Ceremonies or host to test any connectivity/computer set ups and allows any participants joining remotely to get the right access.

Step One

Each team member takes 10 minutes to present to the team. This can be via the computer with slides or live demonstrations.

Step Two

At the end of each presentation we allow 5 minutes for questions and feedback. The audience can offer advice on how to tackle a problem or use the time to understand the project further. Sometimes talking about an idea out loud helps us to identify problem areas or find better solutions.

Step Three

Once each team member has presented they can take away the feedback, apply it and present it in the next show and tell a week later.