4 - 10


15 minutes


30 minutes


Sticky notes, pens, board


Make sure each team member has sticky notes and a sharpie. Create 4 columns on the wall (with space to add multiple notes beneath)

  • Want went well
  • What didn’t go well
  • Thank you’s and appreciations
  • How do we solve this (actions)

Step One

We each take it in turn to write cards (sticky notes) which fit into 3 columns and stick them onto the wall in the right column:

  • Want went well
  • What didn’t go well
  • Thank you’s and appreciations

These should focus on positive parts of the project/week and the team members that helped along the way, whilst highlighting areas where the project could improve. Each team member will talk the team through their cards.

Step Two

Once every team member has displayed their cards everyone has the opportunity to cast 2 votes on something they would like to discuss. We like to focus this time on the areas that didn’t go so well. Once the votes have been tallied the team can discuss the cards with the most votes (there might be one clear card or multiple cards that need discussions). We like to stick to 2 cards for discussion, meaning we can address these in detail in step 3.

Step Three

The forth column:

  • How do we solve this

Now we have our cards for discussion we can start to create a plan how to solve this. Each member of the team will have a different idea but it is important that a clear plan is created which everyone can follow to achieve the same goal. It is important to assign a member of the team to ensure this goal is implemented even though it might take all the team.

These might be solved with minor effort but others may be long standing.