Daily Stand Ups


2 - 10


15 - 30 minutes


Team Mascot, Timer, Energy, Space away from desks


Schedule in daily stand up every morning at a time that works for the team, we use 10am and set a reminder on slack with a link to google hangouts for remote members to join. Set your timer, 3 minutes per person should be enough.

Step One

Start on the first team member (the one holding the pig/mascot). That member takes a few minutes explaining what they did yesterday, what they will work on today and if there are any blockers in their way. Aim to only share information that is relevant to all of the team.

Step Two

The (Pig/mascot) is then thrown to the next person, be prepared to catch it, if you drop it you make the tea/coffee for everyone. This technique is great for anyone working remotely, or even having time off because its so short, its easy to join, using your preferred video chat and keeps you up to date with what’s going on in the office. There is no excuse for Stand up to be missed, just make sure your still stood up!

Step Three

Days can then be arranged in order to unblock others to stay productive. If more in depth discussion is required, plan this in. Do not discuss during Stand up.