The Playbook

An instruction manual to help us run great projects. Here you'll find quick guides to get you started and a place to download the Playbook to have with you and share with your team.

/Communication & Planning

Daily Stand Ups

We use daily standups as a way to update the team on everyone’s status. Daily standups are short and simple but effective. We hold our standups at 10am everyday, whether you are in the office or working remote you must attend, stand up waits for no-one!

Find out how to conduct your own stand up here


Restrospectives or retros for short are a team ceremony that usually take place at the end of something - at the end of the week, the end of the month or simply the end of a sprint.

Here's a guide on how retrospectives work

Show & Tell

We hold two versions of show and tell at VIX Digital. We finish every week with an internal show and tell on a Friday and hold external ones for clients at the end of a sprint. They both consist of a simple slide show that highlights the important milestones within the week or sprint.

Click here for a step by step guide on show & tells

Sprint Planning

Sprints are important to us as it ensures our team are working towards the same goal. We all know what we need to achieve as individuals and a team for the project to be successful.

Read our quick guide on sprint planning

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/Meeting User Needs

User Mapping

User journey mapping is how we understand how our users achieve their goal. We create user journey maps to define the steps from a to b and find the friction points in-between.

Here's a quick guide on user mapping

Creating Prototypes

We create prototypes to est our designs before developers start to build the service. Prototypes are key to user testing. 

What to find out how to prototype? Click here

Testing Usability

Usability should be tested throughout a project. From paper prototypes to the project going live.

Here's a guide on how we conduct user testing

Making Your Service Accessible

At VIX we’re passionate about building inclusivity and accessibility into the core of our products. Although it can be difficult depending on the nature of the product, we always try our best to design and build application with the 4 main principles of web accessibility in mind.

Find out how to test accessibility on your site

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/Our Company


We tailor our hiring process to suit the individual role and person. When finding new members for the team there are a few things we look for.

Find out how we grow our team

Performance & Coaching

At VIX, we believe in constantly testing our limits and that means we expect our team to always be learning. We should always be on the look out for new and better ways to complete our work. New techniques, new tools and technologies. How do we make our work better, more efficient and overall more awesome?

Click here for a guide on team one to ones

Tools & Tips

As a company we strive to over deliver value to our clients on every project so it can be challenging switching to work on the business side of things which are nevertheless just as important.

Here's a list of tools and tips 


We care about results, transparency, sharing, efficiency, collaboration, kindness, boring solutions, hobbies, cake and fun.

Click here for a guide on defining your values

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