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The Challenge

VTG approached VIX Digital with a specific outcome in mind. That outcome was to automate some of the processes involved with managing, monitoring and maintaining some of the air conditioning units they use for various projects. The challenge was to reduce the workload on staff monitoring these systems whilst improving the throughput and high availability of the systems reliant on these units. To achieve this, VIX needed to provide automated polling of temperature from AC units, manage alerts and integrate an email service to handle those alerts.

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"When the servers reaches the temperature threshold the user is alerted with a notification."

- VTG Cloud

Our Approach

The approach VIX took was to develop a simple yet effective internal dashboard. The dashboard was integrated with a service VIX developed which could poll the AC systems that were connected to the network, storing the temperature in a database based on a predefined pace. Working closely with VTG technicians, the threat level of events was established. Events such as being unable to poll temperature were classed as critical and requiring an alert to the appropriate staff.Despite being only required to poll temperature and fire alerts, VIX developed the system in a way which would future proof the dashboard and allow expansion in the future. This led to further developments which benefited both parties. For example, the initial proposal only required alerts based on temperature, but VIX explained the value of the data that could be collected. This resulted in storing each poll efficiently in the database which later formed the basis of functionality such as 24-hour metrics. This same functionality would allow for the development of heatmaps across the year to determine areas where natural cooling may occur to be able to pre-plan the temperature impact of adding a new server to a cluster.The system itself was considered not to be of utmost importance, with technicians still holding the initial responsibility of managing these systems. However health checking and stability were key concerns of VIX Digital and the dashboard has maintained a 100% uptime in the past two years requiring zero maintenance.

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