NHS Apps Library

Online showcase of NHS assessed apps, websites and online training courses.

  • Website Development
  • Interface Design

The Challenge

Chris and Catherine from VIX Digital joined the Apps Library product team as a front-end developer and a designer.

The aim of the apps library was to create a starting point for NHS Digital to integrate a more substantial apps showcase into NHS.UK.

The apps library forms part of a transformation process which will make more NHS services, both old and new, accessible online.

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Our Approach

The project presented a few challenges with regards to both design and development.

One of the biggest design challenges was that the apps library must conform to current NHS brand guidelines. The brand guidelines restricted us on colour and typography but by working closely with the design team we were able to apply these and create consistency throughout the library.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside Wilson Fletcher on the final iterations of the design, and the end result was an accessible NHS Digital Apps Library that conforms to the style guides.

The product team had already carried out a number of user research sessions prior to VIX Digital joining. This had to be considered in the final design and development as there had been some really useful feedback around what had and had not worked on their initial design iterations.

On the development side of the project, again there were a number of factors that had to be considered so that when the site was released it was accessible to as many people as possible. This included ensuring the site works and fulfils its function without javascript as well as being cross-browser compatible. Alongside this we ensured the site is responsive across multiple devices which enables the user to access the library at home or on the go.

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