Hamiltons House

A beautiful interior design blog using Wagtail CMS

  • Website Development
  • Interface Design

The Challenge

We were approached by the interior design blogger known as Hamiltons House to create a new CMS making it easy for her to manage her blog and it’s content.

We knew from the original content that we had multiple types of content to work with and had to design a website with the ability to cope with this. We also knew that the blog would need to use content clusters and give HH the ability to create and manage these clusters within Wagtail.

As well as a new digital presence HH also wanted to create a new identity and brand.

Hamiltons House website - responsive design

Our Approach

We worked with HH to create an identity that emmits luxury and style. The simple type logo in gold and blue became the starting point of the brand and website.

Hamiltons House

The new CMS site as minimal page template but uses streamfields to create design flexibility, catering for multiple content types in few templates. The majority of HH's traffic comes from mobile and tablet users so it was crucial that the website was responsive and that no functionaility was lost when viewing on different device. To ensure this we use the mobile first approach, and this ensures that the site is fully functional on mobile before we start to think about more complex desktop designs.

The new Wagtail CMS enables HH to upload new posts, edit, publish and organise them without any technical experience. Whilst allowing her new audience to keep up-to-date with the interior design industry.