Working At VIX - A Newcomers Perspective

By Kieran Brown

When thinking about work some people are unfortunately left with a feeling of dread, anxiety and ultimately demotivation. However, when you work at a company like VIX, the popular saying rings true:

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

- A very wise person

So what's it really like working at VIX?

As a recent newcomer to the team, with experience in a few office environments, I feel like I can give a good insight into this. Previous work situations have been the typical 9-5, shirt and tie set up that a lot of us know. A previous employer's idea of ‘while it's hot you can dress a bit more casual’ was to unbutton your shirt and remove your tie. The formalities were still the same which seemed to require a hushed atmosphere so people could get on with their work.

However, when you start to step into a more creative field of work such as Digital Marketing and Web Development, it seems that the strict dress codes and ways of working are completely different.

What Do I Mean By This?

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? No, neither had I before I started working at VIX. It’s an ideology in which to be at your most productive one should work ones arse off, with unwavering amounts of focus like the cat below, for 20 minutes and follow this with a five minute break.

Cat working hard

Following your 5 minute break you will carry out another 3 sets of 20 minutes solid work and a 5 minute interval. The break usually consists of general chat about what’s going down on Love Island or more often than not, a solid game of pool. I honestly think in a few months time I will be a pool shark, but that’s another matter.

Once this has been done 4 times you should then pause for a 15 minute break. By this point I bet you’re thinking “Why have I never been introduced to this before!?”

If that is what you’re thinking, then we have something in common. I too thought this. It’s like a breathe of fresh air and it allows you to really get to the nitty-gritty of what you’re doing followed by a quick break before you burn out.

Anyway, back to the ‘Technique’. So after you have completed your first round of four Pomodoros, it’s time to do it all again. The common consensus is that if you manage to get around 8 into your day you’re onto a winner.

I really can see the merits working this way as those small but valuable breaks will get you off your feet, get the blood flowing and open the mind to creative ideas. This is one of the reasons VIX is straight away a great company to work for with their different approach to work, which in turn makes the day more enjoyable.

Enough About Pomodoros, What Else Is Great About Working at a Company Like VIX?

Short answer, the people. As I mentioned, I’m not a long-serving VIX guru but someone that has only recently joined the team. However, I have been welcomed into the team which I’m massively thankful for.

I’ve been eased into the job, with a ‘new starter’ Trello board helping me to get to know the team a bit better and read over useful articles and resources. These have helped me get into the flow of working with the rest of the team with the different software such as GitLab and Docker. The new starter board has a list of little things to update and tick off which consists of smaller things such as adding your birthday info to finding out 3 things about fellow colleagues ‘that aren't related to work in any way’ to slightly more involved tasks such as baking a cake on your first day. I went for a lemon drizzle cake which was seemed to go down a treat :)

Image of Lemon Drizzle Cake

So there you have it, an insight into what it’s like as a new starter entering the VIX Digital family. I have really enjoyed working at VIX so far and I’m looking forward for what’s to come over the years!

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