Introducing Wagtail Wednesday

By Kieran Brown Catherine McDonough

Wagtail Wednesday Supporting Illustration

What Is Wagtail Wednesday?

Have you ever come across documentation and felt like there’s a little something missing? Maybe you felt like an illustration or a deeper dive into the content would have been really useful.

Well, since we adopted Wagtail, one of the best content management systems out there, we have consumed the Wagtail docs many times over. But sometimes we’ve felt that some aspects could have be explained in more detail and would have benefited from some real-life examples.

This is where Wagtail Wednesday comes in.

Some people love to read, others don’t. It seems that video content is becoming ever more popular and for some people it is an easier way to learn a new skill.

We absolutely love Wagtail and we want to share the knowledge that we’ve gained developing with it for the past two years and present it in a way which is easy to consume and helpful for beginners, as well as more experienced developers.

Our intention is to start off small. Our first Wagtail Wednesday will focus on ‘Adding Help Text To Improve Editor Experience’.

We then want to progress this idea, diving deeper into Wagtail with more complex topics and examples. Ultimately helping the Wagtail community to learn new skills and enhance existing ones.

How Do I Get Involved?

As this is the very early stages of Wagtail Wednesday, we would like to get feedback on one of our first videos and listen to what worked well, what could be improved or just listen to suggestions that others may have about what they want to see in the future.

To get earlier access to the videos, complete the sign up form below and we will email you a private link in advance.

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