The VIX Culture

By Chelsea Shaw

Do you like working a rigid 9-5? Do you want to be a pencil pusher? Do you hate working as part of a team? Then stop reading, this blog definitely isn’t for you!

At VIX we shy away from tradition and embrace the crazy, out of the box culture, and we love it! Our day might seem like most, in the office for around 9 and generally leave for around 5 but more often than not the studio buzz continues way into the night. We don’t switch off when we get home, we use slack to keep communication flowing. It doesn’t have to be work chat, it could be anything, but sharing is caring.

Studio culture is the single most important thing to us at VIX, we like coming to work, (sounds odd doesn’t it?) but it’s true. We know that when we get to the studio we are building things we love, surrounded by people we actually like! People who are talented, funny, interesting, ambitious and who we learn from. Importantly we have a no blame culture, if there is a problem or somethings gone wrong we work together to fix and resolve it.

Team culture VIX
A Typical Day At Vix

8:45 am  - Arrive at the studio, stick the daily playlist on and make a coffee whilst everyone arrives

10:00 am - Daily stand up, joined by all the team (even if they’re working remote)

10:20 am - All hands on deck, checking trello for the week’s sprint plan and discussions start flowing

12:00(ish) pm - Everyone’s thinking about food so it’s time for lunch, some of the team head on a lunch run, play pool or sit at the table and eat together.

Around 1:00 pm - Break-out session, could be design, user research or development. We work best when it’s together.

3:30 pm - A game of pool, we all need a break and a little more pool practice.

4:00 pm - Hold a retrospective or a brown bag session and finish the day on something new

The office is diverse and full of different personalities but that’s what makes it so special. No two days are the same. Sometimes we like it quiet but sometimes we like it noisy and we like fun but we also like to get serious, we pride ourselves on the work we do and we do it to the best of our ability, we are judged on our contribution to the world and we do it through software.

Want to be a part of this? Checkout our careers page!

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