Review of my internship at VIX Digital

By Camille Marmy

Review Of My Internship At Vix Digital

That's it, my internship is already coming to an end. If I could only say one thing, it would just be that I loved every minute with the VIX team and time has gone too fast.

The Team

The most important thing to know is that all the team like Swiss chocolate! I also introduced the team to Swiss cheese fondue when I made it in the office which even Tony liked! #07
But more seriously, VIX Digital is more than just a team of colleagues. They were all attentive and caring during my stay in England and made my time much better. They welcomed me with open arms despite the language barrier, and dressed me in the colours of the company. They invited me to do activities at the weekend #09 and planned outings, giving me names of good pubs and restaurants in the surrounding cities as well as tips for everyday life.

What I Have Learnt As A Developer

I was introduced to a CMS platform, Wagtail #05. Its main role is to allow administrators and content editors add content to their site. It is very user friendly, thanks to its intuitive design that guides the user. However I still had to learn how to develop this CMS using Python and Django #02, and what was immediately more complex was the documentation which was in English only. It was difficult to grasp at first but, after a lot of attempts, I now understand the main languages of this platform and I can create different models for the user.
I also realised the difficulty of coding emailing templates #11. All the email clients are so different! I think I’ll look into it more when the technology has advanced somewhat.
Professionally, I know that I haven’t finished learning. The technology itself is a continuous evolution. However, all the things I have realised at VIX Digital have allowed me to discover a bigger ocean of knowledge and challenge what I had already studied before. l will also remember that it’s thanks to companies like VIX Digital that the technology slowly develops (see the insight Wagtail Space).

Learning English

Thanks to the different personalities in the team, I have learnt words like « Swiggs » and « nightmare » which really is my favourite word now and I will use it all the time! I also enjoyed learning to understand and follow daily standups led by our famous PINK PIG #01 (I will rename the pig before my departure).

In Switzerland

Now, I can go back to Switzerland #13 more confident and calm for my CFC (term for certificate for end of apprenticeship in Switzerland) thanks to my internship at VIX Digital.

My English

I think I’m now able to get by in an English speaking country during any future trips. For this reason VIX Digital really has been perfect, mainly because everybody has a different accent and I got used to understanding people from different parts of England.

My Favourite Moment At Work

My favourite project has been building the website for April and Hamilton’s House #03. I really loved creating the design for this project. The rest of the project has been really interesting for me because I had to understand how to build a Wagtail website so that it is easier for the customer to use and add content.

My Favourite Moment With The Team

My colleagues now know me so well that they can guess that my favourite moments have been when the team go out and drink beer! Even though the Suze can’t be found in England…

I’Ll Be Back !

Make me a tea! I’ll come back before the water has had time to boil! Thanks for this internship.

…And In French


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