My Apprenticeship At VIX Digital

By Christian Fox

Why An Apprenticeship

To begin the story of how I was offered an apprenticeship, I shall start with my original plans following the achievement of excellent GCSE results. After my summer holidays, I embarked upon a journey as an academic A-Level student of Maths, Computing and Spanish with the objective of entering a prestigious University such as MIT or Cambridge to study Computer Science, but in reality events took a different turn.

To summarise why this didn't go well, I was never offered to take GCSE Further Maths, so there were gaps in my knowledge at A-Level, and also the computing course lacked content with practical applications, so it was not at all enjoyable, and neither were my other subjects. As for Spanish, it was too heavily based on exam technique, so much so that even a deep learning algorithm could pass the exam.

Education Isn'T For Everyone

Overall, this bad experience of formal education - by no fault of my own or even the school, but instead the flawed education system - made me consider other options. I originally couldn't believe that my A-Levels could fall so low despite being a straight A student for GCSEs. But after searching for the right company and team, I was finally welcomed with open arms into the office of a rising startup by the name of VIX Digital.

This has led me to believe that for many students that want to be successful but are not getting anything good out of school or college, they would be far better off with an apprenticeship where they could learn contemporary work skills, improve communication as a team player and earn some income at the same time, therefore learning to better budget their money instead of blowing it all like there’s no tomorrow.

Starting A New Chapter With Vix

As I write this post I am still in my first day of the software development apprenticeship, and it is enjoyable to finally leave the poor culture of formal study - and also my two days at College, which was not much better - where the environment expects one to talk only to those they are already friends with, and cut out everyone else. This is, of course, not at all ideal for an ambitious Computing student like myself who wants to widen their social circle to have additional streams of knowledge, experience, mentorship and intelligent conversations.

Therefore, the modern, transparent and agile nature of VIX is a great change from what I was used to. Currently I am learning the software, platforms and programming languages that the company uses to support clients so that I can progress to being a contributive team member. Overall it seems like this apprenticeship will yield a wealth of skills and experience that will forever serve my future plans. Finally, if any students happen to read this post and are not content with the obsolete system used to teach A-Levels and BTECs, I would endorse any apprenticeship opportunities, especially one at VIX, for a refreshing change and much more overall satisfaction.

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