Hack Days

By Catherine McDonough

What Are Hack Days?
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During a hack day, we dedicate the full VIX squad to working on something valuable to VIX. Ideally, the project should be achievable in a day.

To decide what we’re going to work on we each come up with a few ideas and then pitch them to each other. There is then a vote to decide which project we will work on.

Projects can range from a variety of things… solving problems for ourselves in the office, projects that we think may solve problems for other people (e.g. oShip) or even just something technology related that we all have an interest in building.

It’s important that once we have chosen a project that we consider the skill set of the team and make sure that everyone can take part - sometimes this means having two smaller hack day projects running in tandem.

A date is scheduled and we make sure we have everything we need to tackle the project:

hack day hardware
Why Do We Do It?

Hack days allow people the chance to work on something they wouldn’t normally and use skills that they might have but don’t get the opportunity to use on a day to day basis.

They’re also a great opportunity for some team bonding. It’s very rare that the whole team is deployed to one project - we are normally spread out in satellite teams across a number of different projects. So it’s nice to reunite the team and have spend some quality nerd time together.

We also use our hack days as opportunities to invite others, such as aspiring VIXers, and let them demonstrate their capabilities instead of telling us about it.

And finally, just because they’re fun!

Interested in learning more about how we do things at VIX? Check out our Playbook.

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