Our Team Ceremonies: #1 Daily Standup

By Damon Jagger

Daily Standup

We work with a variety of people and teams who share different disciplines, but one thing we insist on is our daily standup. At VIX Digital we’ve been carrying out this ceremony since we can remember but the process has hardly changed. We do standups every morning at 10:00 without fail and remote workers can attend via a meetups link in the calendar invite.

What Is It?

Daily standup is a short meeting where members of the team stand up together and briefly point out what they did the day before, what they are doing today and anything that could prevent them from meeting their goals.

Typically, we conduct our standups around our whiteboard and a board listing issues or features that are being worked on. This allows us to refer back to tasks, adjust them as things change and make use of the whiteboard afterwards if a further discussion is needed.

Why We Do It?

Starting the day by saying what you achieved keeps everyone in the loop and provides a sense of accomplishment, whilst contributing to a vision of where things are going and how quickly it is happening. Being able to identify the tasks you are going to try to accomplish allows you to be more focused in your delivery and identify anything that could prevent that from happening. 

Conducting standups as part of our ceremonies helps contribute to our end goal, delivering value to clients and the end user. Transparency and communication are always helpful traits and make up a significant part of most of the ceremonies we conduct. By setting aside time for standups we can guarantee this communication is carried out regardless of the situation in the office, with one of our more ambitious attendances being Tony swerving through traffic in London on his Brompton.

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