ABCD Of Access Solutions: A Case Study

By Tony Yates Damon Jagger

A Predictive Demand Management System That Gives General Practice The Insights Needed To Improve Patient Access.

Productive Primary Care approached us with an offline spreadsheet system using a series of complex algorithms to predict demand in general practice, throughout the uk. They had a rough vision for their product's digital future, along with several problems they needed to tackle. The initial requirement was to address the protection of the intellectual property of the algorithms and make the data centralised to help them with managing the large number of practices working with the ABCD Tool.

We Started With The Users

To address these requirements, v9 worked closely with PPC to develop a web application which harboured all the insight offered by the spreadsheet but in a user-led way. The new architecture meant the application could be shared across the country and improved by monitoring how people used the system in the future.

An additional challenge we faced was to create an application which could be accessed on various devices and still work on older browsers such as IE 8 which is still used across the NHS.

Doing The Hard Work To Make It Simple

Previously the term 'practice setup' was reserved for creating a new copy of the spreadsheet, locking the formulas to protect them, sending it to the PPC representative who would then send it to practice managers to input details about their practice that are then used to predict outcomes for practices.

The new practice setup uses [open health data]( to construct a list of all practices and CCG's in the UK. It allows us to search and return results in a fraction of a second.

When selecting a practice for creation, the application automatically fills in the required information such as  Organisation Code, Name, CCG and Address.

Access Practice Creation Screenshot
Working Collaboratively

From here a PPC Administrator can easily manage the practice with the practice managers.

The time this saves for a member of the PPC administrator team alone was staggering, they can now hop into any practice and see what is happening and what the system is predicting for any practice using it. This has made supporting practices much easier. This meant PPC could spend more time doing what they do best, helping the people behind the tool and the patients that benefit from improved GP access.

The Big Picture

Practice setup was just once piece of the puzzle, with features extending to dynamically generated charts, dashboards and an array of options for predicting and managing demand.

As a by-product of the digital platform we have created together, we are able to dive into the data and use machine learning algorithms for demand prediction that is getting more accurate over time and continuously improve the service that ABCD provides to their valued customers.

2 Million Patients Already Helped

The digital application alone has helped manage demand for over 2 million patients in practices across the UK, creating better experiences for patients and giving them same day access to GPs with the added benefits of alleviating pressure on other healthcare services such as Accident and Emergency.

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