3 Reasons To Love Wagtail

By Chelsea Shaw

This past week or so the VIX team have taken the plunge to migrate our site to a CMS platform. I’ve worked with popular CMS platforms such as wordpress and magento which, over the years, have become clunky and less content editor focussed which we wanted to avoid. Being the ever daring company that we are we decided to jump on board the wagtail wagon, a new CMS system which uses python and django. We often work with clients who need a platform creating where their content editors are able to add/change/remove content with ease. 

It'S Simple, Shiny And New

Wagtail has only been around for the last 3 years and already big name organisations are using the platform to rebuild and reinvent their sites. We wanted a way for any of the team to be able to update our site, add a blog post (like this) or change an image so we needed a CMS site. Wagtails UI has the ability to simplify that process. It doesn’t over complicate simple tasks.

As people are discovering wagtail the community is growing and more organisations are adding the the platform including VIX. As wagtail is tested and implemented in different situations we find better ways to utilise the tool and improve on it.!forum/wagtail

wagtail interface

We had many discussions as to how to optimise the streamfields tool. This will always depend on the content editors or users needs and what they feel they will use more. Along with how much control the is decided to give to the user. Take our blog for example. We initially started out with one header typically h1 and body text. For us we need more control to create hierarchy within our posts and wanted to allot our content editors full control over that. Which is why we allow for h1 - h5 to be implemented alongside videos, images and documented to be embedded within the post. The beauty is that streamfields allows the content editor to dictate to a developer what they need to be available to them, they may not use videos but need to be able to add charts. The flexibility over control for content editors. 


When creating our content models for our website we saw that it uses a lot of repeatable content. We have blog post features, team members and categories implemented throughout our site. Wagtails snippets feature has enabled us to create re usable content to be used throughout their site but have it rendered in may ways depending on where and hows it’s used allowing consistency with faster content editing. This tool is ideal for content such as nav bars and footers. 

Follow us as we use Wagtail to create pioneering user focussed systems. 

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