Cookie Policy

We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website without affecting your privacy. These tools help us understand the people using our website so that we can make sure things go smoothly.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics software to help understand how our site is being used. Google Analytics stores information about the pages you visit, how you got to the site, how long you spend on the site and what you click on while you're here. We don't collect any personally identifiable information (PPI) and we don't allow Google to use or share analytics data. Google Analytics allows us to set up segments, filters and conversion funnels to give us important metrics around how our site is performing.

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We use Hotjar to help us better understand our users. We want to know the difficulties users have on our website so that we can improve it. Hotjar allows us to view mouse activity, generate heat maps and track conversions throughout our site amongst some other useful features. We have configured Hotjar to not allow the recording of any personally identifiable information (PPI), and numbers and email addresses will be hidden in any recording.

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We use Fullstory to replay sessions that provide valuable feedback to VIX. It allows us to detect things like areas that users are clicking which don't provide an interaction and to identify errors with our site. We blacklist areas in our site where we don't wish to record user behaviour, although we rarely find ourselves with functionality that requests personally identifiable information (PPI) from our users.

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