Improving the User Experience for Bristol CCG


How VIX worked alongside top design agency, Wilson Fletcher, to deliver a fresh new look for the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups (BNSSG) website.

The Challenge

The challenge was simple. VIX were asked, in collaboration with Wilson Fletcher (WF), to bring the current front-end design for the website up to a standard that reflected the clients brand while maintaining the GDS Service Standard.


As the website already existed, but wasn’t as visually appealing as it could have been, VIX were tasked with with bringing new designs to life on the front-end codebase. Working closely with BNSSG and Wilson Fletcher, VIX discussed the potential designs, any pitfalls these may have and the best possibly ways to approach the rebrand as a whole. This resulted in an agreed strategy in order to deliver the rebrand effectively.

It was proposed that we would have weekly meetings (Monday) where the previous weeks work and any development or blocking factors could be discussed. This way of collaborating worked well for all three teams as any issues could be dealt with straight away.

The meeting itself took place over video conference and each team ensured that if any questions needed to be asked beforehand or throughout the week, it was only a matter of asking within a shared Slack channel that we setup immediately instead of relying on email. This ensured that it took minutes/hours to agree on changes/updates rather than days/weeks.


As the website was inherited from the previous supplier, the initial task was to bring the codebase into the VIX ecosystem in order to take a look at how the site was structured. This enabled VIX to get a feel for the project, what technologies had been used to create and run it and allowed the team to plan the necessary steps to start the rebrand process.

The initial insight into the codebase allowed the team to bounce ideas back and forth with WF in relation to the proposed designs. This allowed for a collaborative process that meant iterations of the designs were effective and timely.

Once the designs had been finalised and all three teams were happy with the outcome it was time for VIX to start work on bringing the designs to life. WF provided Sketch design files which neatly showcased the user research they had done and the designs with their corresponding components. The approach by team was to tackle the more complicated components first (i.e. desktop navigation, mobile navigation and footer) so that any issues that may arise could be dealt with earlier on in the project.

Heres a before and after of the homepage:



In summary, the rebrand project as a whole was a challenging but rewarding process that delivered on the original goal, to create a visually appealing website that better reflects the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups brand.

VIX had the pleasure of a working with a great set of teams throughout the project. From the lovely team in Bristol with the challenge at hand to the talented design agency, Wilson Fletcher. It has been a great project to work on and we look forward to collaborating with BNSSG with new and exciting projects in the future.

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