Helping Over 2 Million Patients See Their GP

Primary Productive Care

We worked with Productive Primary Care to deliver a suite of tools that would help GPs and CCGs across the UK manage the demand for over 2 million patients. PPC focus on providing insights to over 70 GPs around the country, helping them work more efficiently and deliver the best care to their patients when they need it most.

Doctor First

Primary Productive Care is an NHS focused organisation that provides experience, training and expertise in healthcare demand management. Their product and service range ‘The ABCD of Access Solutions’ aimed to give GP Practices and Clinical Commissioning Groups the information and tools they needed to improve practice efficiency, patient experience and clinical outcomes.

PPC worked with us to take a demand prediction spreadsheet they had made and turn it into a fully featured web application. Allowing their clients to log in and see their data, enabling them to carefully manage their clinical sessions for the following week or month.

"In 3 hours 27 people can be helped rather than 18 (a 50% increase in productivity)"

- Primary Productive Care

Denburn Medical Centre reported they had:

  • Increased clinical contacts for each GP from 110 per week to 220 per week
  • DNA rate was practically eliminated resulting in saving of £20,00 per year
  • Reduced OOH contacts by ~20%
  • Eliminated appointment backlog, no waiting for appointments
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Increased receptionist satisfaction
  • Improved clinical staff recruitment

A Complex Excel Spreadsheet

The original spreadsheet created by PPC allowed them to take data given to them by their customers and create accurate demand predictions for each practice.

They found this time consuming and difficult to manage at scale, with their outcome giving GPs little control over how they visualise their data.

Data Visualisations for General Practice

Our initial focus was to take the spreadsheet calculations and set up a simple form to allow data to be input and display them in a visualisation where the results for a weekly period could be viewed.

Once we’d worked and iterated on the concept we began to test it with GPs across the country, gathering their feedback and response. Using this feedback we began to add to the tool with rich visualisations, user accounts and admin functionality for PPC staff to manage their clients’ accounts.

"Working with VIX Digital has allowed my organisation to move from working with clients using clumsy excel spreadsheets to now running digital platforms across the NHS"

- Dillon Sykes (PPC)

Delivering the Best Care to Patients

The application helped manage demand for over 2 million patients during the time it was active and GP practices still continue to use the demand management techniques and insights made available by the tool now.

By creating a web application we are able to feed the data back into the calculations to make GP demand prediction more and more accurate over time.

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