Why Working Remote Makes Sense

Chelsea Shaw

Working as part of a remote team requires copious amounts of communication. This communication has been made increasingly easier over time with apps such as Slack and Skype. With more companies choosing to opt out of the 9-5 environment, we sometimes find ourselves like passing trains with our colleagues and communication is key to ensure everyone is heading towards the same goal.

What We Do

Daily stand ups give us the structure to communicate our daily tasks and to do this we don’t have to be in the same room, or even in the same country. Whether these are in the form of a video meeting or shared document store, we have a single source of truth and can have full visibility over what someone is working towards.

I have worked with teams that like their members to be at the same place at the same time everyday because that’s how they feel they work best. Sometimes it can be that the communication needed for remotely working hasn’t been put in place or implemented well, but more often than not communication in those teams is lower even though they are sat within touching distance.


Within the creative industry we can’t choose when or where ideas will come just that we need to be ready when they do. Racking our brains for 8/9 hours a day sat at a desk just won’t cut it. The best ideas come when we least expect it and it is up to the individual to decide how, when and where they will work in order to optimise themselves for their team.

Being part of an environment that uses applications purely designed for communication and remote collaboration is refreshing and means I that I don’t find myself funnelling my ideas to appear in ‘normal’ working hours.

If working from home, a coffee shop or a pub means that I can contribute that extra 13% production, suggested by Stanford University, to the team I am working with when why not? Instead of battling my way through commuters, pedestrians and general dilly dally’s just to make it to work for that 9am mark I can now focus on the designs I deliver rather than the time I accumulate in the office.

Working remotely or in the office isn’t one size fits all but, for those of you who are able to, take advantage of the opportunity to make your time more productive.


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