Wagtail Space 2018 (Netherlands): Day 2

Tony Yates

Yesterday I shared my experience of Wagtail Space Day 1. I thought it would be good to summarise each day in the hope it may prompt others to join future sprint events.

Today was full of energy, everyone appeared to know what they were going to work on and came in after a much needed nights rest. For me personally, I worked with the very knowledgable Thibaud on testing the work completed yesterday, I needed to understand how the front end unit tests are organised to help me get up to speed quickly and begin testing the code. It has now been reviewed, approved and will feature in the impending 2.0.1 release. I am thrilled about this, knowing my time has made something better for others is immensely rewarding and as users ourself, we benefit too.


Arnhem really is a beautiful city, we had a walk at lunchtime to take in some of the historic landmarks that featured in the war in 1944.

The second part of the day we were invited to attend the Annual General Meeting which covered the progress made in 2017 and the plans for 2018. It was great to hear those plans and I can say it has reaffirmed what I already knew. That the people maintaining the development of this product do so carefully and purposefully. There is a constant reminder that the room is full of developers and we shouldn’t make assumptions about what users need, this ensures the priorities are the right ones. Bravo to the core team, they work tirelessly, I am sure they will publish those plans once they are refined and fixed.

Damon, Chris and I got to the end of the day with a significant amount of satisfaction. Chris has made his plugin for reading level compatible with an API that hasn’t been released yet VIXtail Draftail plugins. This will provide realtime feedback regarding the complexity of your content. This is driven by the Automated Readability Index formula and will be an excellent addition for organisations like the NHS.UK that are transforming the content affecting millions of people each year. Damon and Chris also produced an open source template for these new draftail plugins that will help other developers create their own.


Reading Level integrated with the rich text editor.

Our takeaway for day 2 is this, you don’t need to come to a sprint to contribute. We often have hack days at VIX Digital to give us a break from the day to day things we do. Usually, we pick something fun to do to bring us together as a team. Today we have made the decision that our hack days will be to pick something hard from the issues on Wagtail and go about fixing it. The amount of knowledge we have picked up from taking ourselves out of our comfort zone and into situations where we are tackling problems we wouldn’t normally default to has been a wonderful experience.

For those that haven’t read yesterdays post, I will take this opportunity to thank Four Digits again for hosting the event and to Torchbox for directing a great project so well.

Further Reading from our Friends at Torchbox and Four Digits

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