VIX Digital Rebrand

Chelsea Shaw

As we have grown over the past 12 months we have started to think about our brand, identity and how it can grow alongside us. Our company values have started to become clear and the team have worked together to create a company they are proud of, we wanted this to be represented throughout our brand.

We take our role within the industry seriously but every now and again like to have a little fun, which we wanted to reflect in our brand. We want our brand to be about transparency, honesty, collaboration and efficiency.


To create our new look we had to evaluate our brands weak spots and find areas for innovation and growth. What does our brand say about us and what do we want it to say? As we watch our competitors develop and their brands we realised that it was time to up our game and make the industry more aware of VIX Digital.

Starting out with our name change, we wanted to create something snappier than V9, one syllable VIX. Keeping with the V9 theme but in a different format. By dropping solutions and adding digital we are opening ourselves up to a multidisciplinary industry where the meaning of digital is changing.

We wanted to create a strong logo, which was typographically lead along with a simple icon instantly recognisable with VIX Digital. Our new logo is versatile and can work in both print and digital platforms, by pairing it with a palette of bright colours we have logo that suits each value in our company. It was clear from team feedback that colour needed to be injected into the brand and across all of our collateral. Our unique colour palette reflects our team and our ability to be flexible, approachable and open.


VIX Digital will be rolled out later this month, so keep your eyes peeled.

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