VIX Digital are Sponsoring UK Health Camp

Tony Yates

We hope you can make it, it’s a wonderful event. I remember being present when @sheldonline came up with the idea and started this thing going. He did what he did best and got a few like minded people connecting with each other with a common purpose, UK Health Camp was born and it really is awesome. Many of the people involved are personal friends, including people over at MakeDo one of the GOLD sponsors and of course @mattstibbs who has been significant in the organisation of this years event and someone I have had the privilege of working with for many years on so many things.

So, VIX Digital are thrilled to be a GOLD sponsor this year.

Why are we Sponsoring UK Health Camp?

The benefits are published on the site, but to be perfectly honest, when we agreed to it most of these didn’t really matter to us. We are sponsoring UK Health Camp because its a way of giving back. A way of helping connect people who share our passion for health and technology. A way of creating meaningful relationships that can help you. I can list so many people who have helped VIX Digital become what it is today both directly and indirectly, we have a lot of people to thank, and I hope we pay forward the gesture to others.

We have significant experience in Digital Health and Technology, we designed NHS 111 interoperability architecture on the behalf of the DH, it’s contributed to saving millions lives at the last count by dispatching ambulances in seconds instead of minutes using technology.

We helped NHS England with many of the strategic initiatives that are now coming to fruition. We also set the architectural direction for the NHS.UK transformation and embedded our developers in the core team for a number of years working on syndication and Wagtail CMS core.

I assure you this is not being said to wave credentials in the air, I am returning on the significant investment the NHS put into me in my early years to give back, it’s why VIX exists. Come meet our team of VIXers, pick our brains, grab some swag, ask us about the things we have done and how we went about them, we will share, openly and honestly, we made a lot of mistakes you can learn from. We did a lot of things right too, which we can point you to.

We hope to see you there and look forward to sharing and learning.

@TonyYates and the team @vix_digital.


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