Using Technology to Meet the GP Forward View

Chris Shaw

The General Practice Forward View is a document published by the NHS in April 2016 that sets out a plan for stabilising and transforming general practice. Part of the plan is a commitment to raise spending from £9.6 billion in 2015/16 to over £12 billion by 2021.

There are four key areas which the plan targets.


A goal to double growth rate in GPs with additional incentives to try and increase the number of practice-based mental health therapists and practice clinical pharmacists.

Nationally funded support will also be available for practice nurses, physician assistants, practice managers and receptionists who have recently been in the news a lot as the ‘frontline’ of general practice.


Support for struggling practices, stressed/burnt out GPs, many changes to unnecessary ‘red-tape’ and action to reduced demand on general practice, especially inappropriate demand where patients do not need to see a GP and could instead see a nurse or self-treat their problem.


Investment promises for both physical practice development/upgrades and technology including online tools to improve efficiency, manage workload and support team work across practices.

Care Redesign

Practices, federations and super-partnerships will all receive support with funding for improved in and out of hours access provided. This will include reformed urgent care, clinical hubs and integrated primary and community health services.

A major goal is to bring together all aspects of primary care and make it feel more like a well oiled interconnected system rather than various separate pieces that struggle to cope with demand and communicate or work effectively with one another.

Meeting the Goals of the GP Forward View

Here at VIX Digital we have been working for many years in close conjunction with Productive Primary Care Ltd and this year we have come together with a shared vision of a new product aimed at providing General Practice and Commissioners to help them tackle some of the key issues set out in both the GP Forward View and Five Year Forward View.

Our product meets the requirements for funding, costs very little in terms of total funding entitlement (5% or less!) and puts CCGs and Practices in good stead to stay ahead of the curve as we head towards a vision of a better NHS by 2021.

Say Hello to DMI Dashboard


DMI stands for Demand Management Insights and is our brand new cutting edge tool that provides intelligent data for general practice allowing for better planning and delivery of GP access.

The dashboard allows users to map capacity, demand and activity across the whole of Primary Care providing essential insights and knowledge at all levels (Practice, Locality and Federation).


Using our unique, highly sophisticated algorithms we are able to predict demand including variations in seasonal demand allowing Practices and Federations to better match capacity throughout the entire year. Having an advanced view of GP capacity will allow commissioners to identify where additional resource may be required.

Unmet demand can be calculated for accurate planning of extended services such as late evening and weekends. For the first time Commissioners will have the ability to provide informed status updates for local emergency services alleviating unnecessary and unplanned pressures on Walk-in Centres, A&E Departments and Local Hubs.

Overall, having quick and easy access to this information will allow for federated working & new models of interconnected care to be at the forefront of General Practice.

Reporting Made Simple

The DMI dashboard allows users to get answers from data quickly using automatically generated reports. These reports can be easily shared with colleagues outside of the tool.


Summary of Key Features

  • View key activity data at multiple levels e.g. Practice, Locality and Federation
  • Track improvements in access using key data
  • Analysis of activity by consultation mode e.g. face-to-face, telephone, email
  • Monitor percentage of patients helped per week
  • Forecast demand using intelligent seasonal variation
  • Provide status updates on access hotspots and unmet need
  • Allow multi-provider resource planning across acute services
  • Ability to compare to national data
  • Powerful automatic reporting capability

To find out more about DMI Dashboard or request a free trial get in touch with us at

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