2017 Round Up

Tony Yates

Like most companies this is our first proper week back after Christmas, we’ve all had a decent break, played lots of team Minecraft on our server [shout if you want to join us] and are now back in the full swing of things.

I thought it would be a good time to reflect on 2017 and how the company evolved over that time which can be broken down into 5 stages.

Finding Our Purpose

We have been growing as a team of capability for some time now and we’re keen to not become a me too organisation or a body shop of consultancy resource. We care deeply about users and how technology can help people in all walks of life, it is why we have delivered many outcomes in healthcare.

We also like engineering challenges, taking on things that are hard, where there is no obvious answer and is a venture into the somewhat unknown.

So this is what we now focus on, meaningful hard work, that is our purpose. This has been the basis of our culture as well as making sure we have a lot of fun as a team. Fun is the biggest return on investment for productivity I have seen in my career, who knew happy people work better. 😉


In order to grow as a company we needed to increase our headcount. This was obvious however funding an increase wasn’t. In order to expand I basically reduced all personal spending to a minimum and invested in hiring more people. I gave myself a 6 month budget to go for it, any longer than that and I would have to reduce headcount or look for outside investment. Thankfully neither of these happened and we have gone from strength to strength with a headcount of 8.

The takeaway lesson for us is to hire the right people, if they aren’t a definite yes, then they are a no. Team work makes the dream work.

Could you be our next VIXer? Get in touch.

Created Our Brand

We used to be V9 Solutions Ltd. We thought hard about changing our name which wasn’t easy as V9 has a personal meaning to me (I met my wife at V Festival 2009). We finally settled on VIX.Digital(which is V IX (9 in Roman Numerals) keeping with the original meaning while being easy to remember and relevant.

Our old brand didn’t reflect who we are, what we do or what makes us different from many others. We decided to go all in on Wagtail which meant a re-platform and a new look complete with hoodies, an office move and a blogging strategy to increase the reach that we had.

Created Multiple Income Streams

This was the part I feared the most, how to have multiple clients and keep everyone happy. At VIX we have a number of short and long term contracts and partner relationships with other fantastic organisations where reciprocal arrangements are made. This has worked really well for us and we look to expand this approach going forward.

It sounds simple but the best advice I can give is to delight your clients. We strive to ensure that interacting with VIX is pleasant, value for money and delivers outcomes that our clients need. We have found that sticking with these principles has brought repeat work and longer term contracts.

Delivered (While Having Fun along the Way)

Looking back over 2017 we have created work we have thoroughly enjoyed and have been humbled to have worked with some exceptional teams and talent. We have had a lot of fun along the way, our attendance at Torchbox’s Bristol Sprint was a notable highlight, summer social and Healthcamp were other highlights, however it’s the day to day fun that we have enjoyed the most, our unique approach to stand-ups, pool tournaments, foosball, bowling, cycling together and our continued mission to send a pig (toy) to space.


Final Thoughts

2017 was an exceptional year, and 2018 has begun in the same vain. We have been working to define our new targets for this year which will be to sustain and grow further, while continuing to bring joy into peoples lives who work with us whilst delivering exceptional outcomes. All of us at VIX would like to wish you a happy new year.

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