3 Reasons to Love Wagtail CMS

Chelsea Shaw

This past week the VIX team have decided to migrate our site to the Wagtail CMS platform. Here's three reasons why we love working with it.

I’ve worked with popular content management system (CMS) platforms such as Wordpress over the years, and Wagtail was going to have to offer something significantly better for us to make the switch. After giving it careful consideration and thought, we decided to adopt Wagtail CMS.

It's Simple

Wagtail CMS is a relatively new contender on the block, and already big name organisations are using the platform to rebuild and reinvent their sites. It doesn’t over complicate simple tasks and is built on a brilliant web application framework named Django. Based on the popular programming language Python, it's easy to see why the likes of places like the NHS and Google are deciding to adopt it. By keeping things simple, you can attract great talent straight out of university. Where it is quickly replacing the likes of PHP used in Wordpress development. By building on top of Django Wagtail is quick, simple and secure. It's quite hard to come by all three in a modern day CMS.



Streamfields are a feature in Wagtail CMS which allow engineers to create building blocks for a site or page to be built from. You want to add a new component which stands out on the page? We'll make a block. Blocks have their own templates, styling and logic. They can be dropped into any page and will function as intended. We constantly find ourselves expanding on our core set of blocks and our clients can share the benefits just by choosing us as a delivery partner. Using Wagtail you can build up your own library of reusable components very easily, similar to gutenberg with Wordpress.



Like with Streamfields and blocks, we constantly find ourselves building the same functionality across pages, projects or sites. Sometimes you want to reuse the same content across your site instead of repeating it in each page using blocks. Enter snippets. Snippets allow you to create a model and register it as a snippet of code to be used throughout the site. This allows us to do things like populate a Video model's content from an API, register it as a snippet, and be able to instantly search, filter and embed the video model we want directly in any page without any additional code. We used these for the NHS, to create a library of video and tools such as the BMI calculator.

Snippets are an excellent addition for repeatable content. Think advertisements, banners, menus, etc.

These are just three of the reasons to love Wagtail CMS. If you would like to know more or receive a demo, get in touch at info@vix.digital.

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