What Is a Daily Standup?

Damon Jagger

We work with a variety of people and teams who share different ceremony disciplines, but one thing we find common place on most projects is the daily standup.

At VIX Digital we’ve always had some sort of daily standup. We originally carried out a daily standup meeting in the morning, around 10pm. At its simplest form, the daily standup is usually a short meeting where each participant will say what they did yesterday, what they plan to do today, and any issues or "blockers" that they anticipate. The goal is to keep progress moving, even when teams are remote or working in isolation on specific parts of delivery.

More recently, our internal stand-ups have moved to a more asynchronous approach. We have a written diary on our intranet where anyone can go see what people have been up to. By writing down our stand up in bullet form, we can make sure the content has more purpose. Instead of explaining the issue I tackled, how difficult it was, and boring everyone, I can just link to the issue I'm working on in GitHub and keep the discussion around the code for the people who it impacts. The core principals of standup are the same, we just iterated the process over time to suit us. And we'll continue to do so.

Why We Do It?

Having a daily focus around what you achieved, and aim to achieve, keeps everyone in the loop and provides a sense of accomplishment. All whilst contributing to a vision of where things are going and how quickly it is happening. Being able to identify the tasks you are going to try to accomplish allows you to be more focused in your delivery and identify anything that could prevent that from happening.

Conducting stand-ups as part of our ceremonies helps contribute to our end goal, delivering value to our clients and their end users. Transparency and communication are always helpful traits, and make up a significant part of most of the ceremonies we conduct. By setting aside a small amount of time for stand-ups we can guarantee this communication is carried out regardless of the situation in the office.

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