Welcoming Sam

Sam Wilde

Wait, What?! I'm at VIX!

So this is it, I have taken the step into the big world of work. Coming straight out of college, where I studied media, I wasn’t expecting to be scooped into a full-time job this quickly, however, I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity and in my first week, I have learnt so much of the groundwork to get me going here.

Why VIX?

After meeting previously with Tony and having a tour of the office, I had no doubt in my mind that VIX is the place for me. From the company culture to the fantastic team, I haven’t had any issues fitting in. I expected that when I was starting in a new job in a completely new town that there would be worries and difficulties that I would have to iron out, this completely wasn't the case, VIX have made my start completely seamless.

What Am I Doing Here? What Have I Done so Far?

My full Job title is as a Trainee Back-End Developer and I have spent the last week getting to grips with HTML, CSS, GIT and a whole host of other languages and programmes, ready to be thrown into projects and jobs as soon as possible. I have done work on sites here and there but never anything from scratch, this is something that’s always interested me and I’m really happy to be extending my knowledge in the field and can hopefully become a useful member in this super efficient team!

We went for a meal on Tuesday to welcome me into the team - this was a great touch and made me feel welcomed straight away. I have met everyone now and have to say it’s feels fab coming into work knowing that I’m coming in to these guys and not some grumpy office workers! I can’t wait to do more things together (Camping anyone?).


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