Welcoming Kylian

Kylian Manzini

Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Kylian! I’m new at VIX Digital, I am here for an internship of 6 months. I’m a Swiss guy from a little village in the mountain called Sainte-Croix and I love chocolate (I’m not that cliché, am I? haha). I am following an apprenticeship of Mediamaticien (we call the diploma the CFC) which is equivalent to A-levels (that we call Maturité).

What About My Studies?

I said that I was an apprentice of mediamatics, but what is a mediamaticien ?

It’s a mixture of web developer, marketing agent, designer and project manager.

In the developer courses, we learn languages (like HTML/CSS, php and JavaScript), how to build databases, how to build websites and so on. We study the needs of customers in marketing courses and how to promote things.

Then in the design courses, we study how things are attractive, how to develop a design idea, we make logos, flyers, poster and so on.

We then have project management courses, that teach us how to make all of this on schedule and in a structured way. To practice all of this we have many projects, sometimes at the same time. Each semester we have a big project with the teacher acting as the client.

For example, the last big project we had was a group project, with a project manager (it was me \o/). We had to choose a Swiss festival (we choose the Montreux Jazz Festival) and do everything needed for the next edition. We made the contract right through to the promotional flyers, posters and the teaser of the edition, along with social network management.

Being the project manager was pretty intense, but it was a really cool project because it was almost like a real one.

We have lots of others courses: we learn how to use some Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Animate) along with drawing courses and history of art.

What Do I Want to do in the Future?

I am thinking about becoming a software developer first by doing a bachelor degree, than maybe do the game developer bachelor degree while working as a software programmer. Maybe live abroad too. I still don’t know yet.

Why I Chose an Internship in England?

In our third year, we have to do two internship of six months, so I am doing one in England then one in Switzerland.

It is my first internship, but I like challenges. That’s why I choose to go abroad. Although I am decent (well I think) at English, I want to improve my speaking. I didn’t travel much across the world but that’s something I want to do in the future. I think that the British English is universal, that’s why I wanted to learn to speak English in England.

One of the first thing I thought when I got to Manchester was “Wow, everything is huge”. Unlike in Switzerland, cities are big and busy.


Why VIX Digital?

I think the people and the ambience, and I was right! They are welcoming and happy, so it is great!

Also VIX Digital is a company who like to deliver high quality, user focussed products. The UI design is well made and works really well.

So that’s why I wanted to go to VIX Digital!

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