Welcoming Chelsea

Chris Shaw

Recently the office has been busier, more energetic and full of fresh enthusiasm as our friend (and my fianceé!) Chelsea has joined us to help with our influx of work during the summer period.

Chelsea has a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design from Sheffield Hallam University and has spent some time studying design abroad in Porto, Portugal too. Although skilled in digital design, physical design and print are some of her main passions - she loves to incorporate technology into her physical designs such as using conductive ink and Arduinos to produce spectacular tactile, interactive pieces. With a forward thinking attitude to tech and and the drive to blend it into our daily lives in new and interesting ways, it’s obvious how she’s managed to fit in with us so well.


VIX Digital - The Rebrand

It was clear Chelsea had just the right experience and skills needed to kick our V9 Solutions to VIX Digital rebrand into gear. Working closely with Catherine they’ve been rebuilding our website and brand identity from the ground up.


We wanted something that better represented us as a group, something that felt exciting, fresh and fluid - not a cold corporate identity. We also knew that we wanted people to be able to refer to us in one syllable if possible - V9 seems short when you write it, but saying ‘veenine’ just isn’t as snappy as ‘vix’.

Curbing Our Bad Habits & Keeping up with the Good

Another role Chelsea has taken on since she joined us is making sure that we all stick to daily standups, weekly show and tells and retrospectives. When we get really stuck into a big project it’s easy for us to forget to do these simple tasks that help us perform our best as a team.

Having someone from the outside cast a watchful eye over the day to day running of the place has really improved our communication and made us realise we need to make sure we are dedicating at least 15 minutes a day where we all come together to talk about what we’re doing and whether we need anyone else’s help with anything.

Why We Need Trained Designers

A lot of creative people are naturally good at design and have an eye for composition and form but it takes years of studying to be able to come up with a multitude of quality concepts quickly and efficiently.

In a company where our development resource outweighs our design resource, it’s important that we can create concepts and layouts quickly enough to not put the brakes on development.

Having someone onboard with in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of design techniques, concepts and practices can really help to take your projects to the next level, and with so many graphic design graduates out there looking for opportunities it’s the right time to start investing in this part of your team.

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