Welcoming Camille

Camille Marmy

I've landed at VIX Digital!

Who I Am?

Hi! I'm Camille! A little new, I have come for an internship in Front-End Development. I come from Switzerland where I am doing an apprenticeship at the school of interactive media design.

This course is taught in most schools in Switzerland, but I have chosen to do it at Eikon in the city of Fribourg.

We study design in different forms as well as how to create it, in order for us to better understand and respond the requests of our customers and users.

Some of the subjects we study include; graphic design, motion design, photography, typography, sound-design, frontend development, the history of art, etc.

Why an Internship?

The main goal for my internship is to optimise my knowledge and discover a lot of new things. Eikon (my school) requests at the end of our apprenticeship to have performed three types of different internships all working on live projects. I had already completed my two first internships. The first at a company specialising in web development, where I had the chance to be able to collaborate on the website of Montreux Jazz Festival. For my second internship, I was in Eikon where I worked on the trailer of the Festival International of Film of Fribourg, and on the open doors of Eikon where I had the opportunity to be the project manager.

So, I still have one more internship to complete and I have chosen to complicate things by adding a barrier… the language.

Indeed, I decided to do an internship not only to improve my design and development knowledge, but to learn English too! So, I packed my bag and found myself a wonderful host (Catherine) in a cottage in Newton-le-Willows for four months.

Why VIX Digital?

VIX Digital is a company who create websites and applications while focusing on user experience. They create designs, prototype and turn these into interactive pages that users can engage with. They take their ideas from A-Z. That's what I like, I think there is nothing better than having one company who follows the project from beginning to end. They have the research and knowledge as well as the technical skills to build a user focussed product, and the results are more optimal.

Why Front-End Development?

Front-End development, it's my favourite course at school. I like to build visuals that are not only attractive but also clear for the user. My main goal is to successfully build applications that help and guide the user through the website or the application. My aim is to make the user navigate through the website and it's pages seamlessly.

I also like the mathematical side and intelligence of code. I enjoying pushing the limits with development - nothing is impossible, there is always a solution. I really like that side of it.

Why England?

I chose England because the life is different. The landscape, the houses and the personalities! The people are kind and open-minded. I have the feeling that the people don't judge and they take a time to get to know a person.

In comparison to my village in Switzerland (population 1100), England is really big too! Everything seems bigger, the buses, the villages, the buildings, the stations, the shopping centres.

After that, it was a question related to language too. The people speak English with a universal accent and neutral, I find. I would have better luck learning the language correctly and gain the ability to understand English-speaking people in other English-speaking countries.


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