Summer Social 2017

Chelsea Shaw

Each year we have a summer social, where the team can get together and blow off a little steam. This year we've been working on some exciting projects and were well overdue a team away day.

Every now and then we like to set aside some time to really focus on our team. Sometimes we do something in the studio like a pool competition and pizza, or we go all out. This time we were well overdue a team away day and summer was fading. We spend a lot of time together in the studio but it's important to set aside time for us to just relax as a team. We have been working on some pretty exciting projects over the past few weeks so we thought it was time. Spending time together away from the studio and projects is always healthy and encouraged, our team bond is what sets us apart.


What Did We Do?

At VIX we all share some common interests. Something we all love is great food, with a side of competition. Luckily we are just 30 minutes away from the heart of Manchester. We decided to keep it simple this time around and go for a few games of bowling, followed by dinner and a spot of impromptu dancing.

If you've never been to Manchester, we definitely recommend All Stars bowling lanes. It's a great way to start any evening. Safe to say we are just as good (bad) at bowling as we are at pool, although we did have a couple of dark horses in the team. Maybe it’s time to get some lanes installed in the studio. What did seem consistent is the affect of alcohol on everyones abilities to bowl a ball in a straight line. The end score ended up being as follows.


As you can see some of us fell well below the Michelle Keegan and Lady Gaga standard who respectively both scored above 69.

What’s great about team away days is finding out something new about the people who you spend the majority of your time with. Finding out that the person sat across from you has a hidden bowling talent or the guy you sit next to is partial to an espresso martini. These afternoons and evenings are invaluable to the way our team works and has bonded over the years, and why we still work with each other.


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